When a Rogue Falls

Rogues of the Road

A Rogue with his heart set firmly against love and marriage, finds himself dealing with the unexpected consequences of a night of passion with a beautiful young widow.

For Sir Stephen Moore, a family will never be on the cards. His rake of a father had no time for him, and that has left permanent scars on Stephen’s heart. He is more than happy to play fast and loose with the wicked women of the ton, just as long as things are over by morning light.

The Rogues of the Road operate their dangerous and illegal business dealings behind the respectable front of the RR Coaching Company. As a founding member of the organization, Stephen excels as a master of manipulation, blackmail, and the settling of personal vendettas.

Lady Bridget Dyson is a young woman, disillusioned by her first marriage. As a widow, London society permits her to indulge in discrete affairs.

Neither Bridget nor Stephen have any intention of ever settling down and playing at happy families.

But Cupid is not without a sense of humor.

After helping her family deal with a dangerous blackmailer, Bridget and Stephen celebrate. A little wine and some wicked flirting leads to a night of steamy romance.

A stunned Bridget now has to break the news of impending fatherhood to a man determined to avoid commitment at all costs.

Rogues of the Road

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When a Rogue Falls

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