Wedded to the Welsh Baron

London Lords

One ruined castle. Two lonely souls. A chance for love.

With little more than a ruined castle in Wales and a title to his name, socially awkward, Rhys Morgan is finding it hard to secure himself a wife.
When he unexpectedly inherits an English estate, Rhys hopes that all his problems might finally be solved.
But not only is Kington House a rundown disaster, he is shocked to discover it is being managed by a woman!
Wister York has been stuck at Kington House for three years. With no money and no prospects, her greatest fear is that when the mysterious Lord Carno arrives, he will throw her out.
But Rhys, is nothing like what she had been expecting. The shaggy Welsh baron sets her pulse racing and stirs within her deep desires.
Rhys in turn is fascinated by the dark-haired temptress. Feisty and clever Wister is like no woman he has ever met. When she is near him, he can barely think straight.
Passion and steamy temptation soon burn between these two lonely souls.
In the snowy ruins of Carno Castle, Rhys and Wister will have to overcome their pasts in order to secure a chance for love.