The Noble Lords Book Collection

The Noble Lords

Four full-length novels.

Outrageous egos, wicked women, and scandalous behavior. And somewhere in the middle is the music.

Stories of war-scarred English lords who are bad boy musicians and the women who dare to love them.

Love Lessons for the Viscount. When faced with a dangerous new rival, Regency London’s hottest lead singer is forced to place his singing career in the hands of a sexy widow.

A Lord with Wicked Intentions. London’s foremost rake is about to be handed a painful lesson in jealousy by the one woman he is set against loving, his fiancée.

A Seductive Rogue for Lady Eliza. A battle-scarred war hero fights his demons, but will victory come at the cost of tearing England’s hottest musical group apart?

An Unexpected Duke. Lord Kendal Grant is a solid gold genius when it comes to his music. But what happens when he falls in love with a low-born piano tuner?