Rogues of the Road Boxed Set

Rogues of the Road

All five complete books in the Rogues of the Road series.

Rakes and rogues on the wrong side of the law. Adventure and steamy romance.

Rogue for Hire.
When heiress Alice North engages the scandal managing services of Lord Harry Steele, she gets a first-hand lesson in steamy, wicked behaviour. But, will Alice’s heart be the ultimate price she has to pay for engaging the services of a Rogue for Hire?

Stolen by the Rogue
A king’s secret mistress. A master thief in search of a priceless treasure. One woman holds the key to it all.

When a Rogue Falls
A Rogue with his heart set firmly against love and marriage, finds himself dealing with the unexpected consequences of a night of passion with a beautiful young widow.

The Rogue and the Jewel
An English smuggler and his beautiful French counterpart are on the run.
Romance and adventure at every turn

King of Rogues
From being a pirate in Bermuda, to becoming the Duke of Monsale. Andrew McNeal has seen it all. But even he will stumble when it comes to the challenge of convincing Lady Naomi Steele to put her name on his list of potential brides.
So, begins a steamy, high stakes game where the cards are marked, and hearts are wagered.

But who will fold first?