Rogue for Hire

Rogues of the Road

When heiress Alice North engages the scandal managing services of Lord Harry Steele, she gets a first-hand lesson in steamy, wicked behaviour.

When society peacock Lord Harry Steele is thrown out of home on Christmas Eve, he not only misses out on a sumptuous Christmas dinner, but he is forced to quickly find a way to make money.

He hits upon a brilliant idea.

Instead of creating scandals, he will get paid to manage them.

A desperate Alice North seeks Harry’s help to rid her of a fortune hunting scoundrel.

In Harry she discovers a handsome, yet complex man, who sets her blood on fire.

Harry in turn is drawn to Alice. A steamy secret affair ignites between them.

But, will Alice’s heart be the ultimate price she has to pay for engaging the services of a Rogue for Hire?

The Rogues of the Road

Rogue for Hire

Stolen by the Rogue

When a Rogue Falls

The Rogue and the Jewel

King of Rogues