Bound to the Belgian Count

London Lords

A whirlwind romance. Two shattered hearts. A second chance for love.
Abandoned bride, Lily de Viron is determined to pick up the pieces of her life. She files a petition for an annulment.
But moments before the judge is due to grant Lily her freedom, her missing husband Count Maximilian de Viron suddenly appears in court.
Not only is his reappearance a terrible shock, so is his physical state. Gone is the dashing Belgian who captured her heart, in his place a broken man.
When Max declares his intention to fight the case, the judge is forced to come up with a compromise. He won’t hand down his final decision until Christmas Eve.
Lily and Max are bound to follow his three strict instructions for the next twelve days.
They must live under the same roof.
They must share meals.
And they must talk.
Will it be enough for the lovers to find their way back to a happily ever after?