A Wild English Rose


Regency London’s wild child is about to meet her match…

If Lady Cecily Norris’ parents are ashamed of her, they only have themselves to blame.

As a young girl, she was sent to live at a country estate along with other unwanted children of the ton. Her upbringing could only be described as unconventional and haphazard.

Cecily has now become a young woman both beautiful and wild at heart. Returning to London, she is determined to set her own rules for how she lives her life. As far as she is concerned, the ton and all its expectations for how a young unmarried woman should behave, can all go hang.

But she cannot fully escape her future, and her dismayed parents demand that she make a suitable and sensible marriage.

When Lord Thomas Rosemount trips over Cecily in a dark garden, he falls hard. His heart quickly follows.

In Thomas, Cecily encounters a man very different from those that she has lived with all her life. He is reliable, sensible, and dare she say a little boring?

But Thomas offers her something that she has never known before. A home and a future with someone who loves her.

Thomas knows it will take more than pretty words and a kind heart to win Cecily’s hand, and he will have to look deep inside himself to discover whether he is truly the man who can tame a Wild English Rose.

A Duke of Strathmore Series book.


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