A Scottish Duke for Christmas

The Duke of Strathmore Series - Book 4

A night of scandalous passion has come at a high price for Ewan Radley, Duke of Strathmore. His headstrong fiancée has fled; and he is now left to raise their love child on his own.

Lady Caroline Hastings isn’t about to forgive the man who threw her over for her sister, but when Ewan begs her to come to Scotland and help save his son, she cannot refuse him.

Trapped together within a snowbound castle, they struggle to come to terms with their past. Ewan seeks to win Caroline back, but she is determined not to be a convenient solution to his problem.

As Christmas approaches, Ewan searches high and low for that one special Christmas gift to give to her. But it will take more than mere jewels or fancy clothes, because Caroline’s heart desires the one thing money cannot buy. The only gift she longs to receive on Christmas Day, is the love of a Scottish Duke.

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